Picture of Molly

Oh hi there! Thanks for stopping over and getting to know me a little better. My name is Molly and I own & run Sweet Potato Shop - an online store dedicated to all things handwritten & mail related. You see, I'm working on bringing back the joy of receiving mail, real mail, in your mailbox not in your inbox. Crazy right? haha... I want people to smile when they receive something from SPS and I want the people who mail something from my shop to feel excited about what they are sending.

I'm a 30-something (I like that, very mysterious) living in Wisconsin with my husband and our 4 animals - 2 cats & 2 dogs. My husband is a veteran who served in Iraq for a year - luckily before I knew him so I never had to go through the agony of watching him leave. I have so much respect for everyone who has been through that. I went to college and received a degree in Graphic Design & now work full-time for one of the top promotional products companies in the nation as a website designer.

10 things about me

  1. Sometimes I relate more to animals than I do humans
  2. I'd choose vanilla over chocolate any day of the week
  3. I've been trying to conceive for 4 years
  4. I love to travel, but usually don't have the $$ to do it as often as I'd like
  5. I live in a tiny 1,000 sq ft house
  6. I love me some BRAVO tv shows - Real Housewives fan for life!
  7. T-swift and I would probably be besties if we ever met
  8. I believe in ghosts and LOVE the show Ghost Hunters - anybody want to ghost hunt with me?
  9. There's a hippy in me that's waiting to burst out. I'd love to grow my own food - aquaponics style. Look it up!
  10. People tell me I look like Hope from Days of our Lives.